About Us


Cambridge International School 2013, although this school just three years old, it had covered a significant distance in the field of education. The school had postal address but now has signature in town.

Now the school has its own building at Baroura with land areas of 5 acres. The school is educational and is affiliated to be CBSE, New Delhi.

The school follows the National Pattern Courses & Syllabus of CBSE, New Delhi.

Aim & Objectives

Cambridge International School caters education not only to the elite class but also its motto & commitment is to take education to masses. The team of highly motivated and educated teachers is to cater education from books but the stress is more on various methods of teaching like demonstration, Audio – Visual experiments, Project Work, Home Work, Play-way for kids etc.

The school provides a congenial environment for all around development of the students as regards to personal hygiene, neatness of uniform cleanliness of surrounding graceful manners, obedience & discipline.

The school does uphold the dictum that all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. Here every one work hard, everyone plays hard. The co-curricular activities (C.C.A) are as prioritized as the teaching in the class rooms. The schools children are also brought before media crew in order to make them get rid of lens fear.

The school has rich library. There are books, Magazine, journals, periodical & issue of current affairs and moral stories which are stored & stacked in the library for the bene􀃶ts of the students & teachers. Science Lab, Maths Lab, Computer lab are a class in themselves. It is well furnished & makes our one sit & work.

The School has sprawling campus for the different play grounds for outdoor games like cricket, Football, Volley ball, Badminton, basket ball, Kho-kho etc. The school also has indoor games like Carom, Chess, Ludo, Chinese checkers etc. “Where there is play there is fun and creation.” Recreational facilities for kids like toys, richo, swing, audio-visual, sliding are available. Apart from games & Sports periods the school has also extra periods of all classes for PT & YOGA & Cultural Activities.

Our School is a Co-educational, English medium school instituted in 2013.