School Curriculum

Scheme of Work

The entire curriculum of the school has been planned to fulfill the overall needs of the students as per the C.B.S.E. Guidelines each subject is tested and marked to check the thinking, understanding & logical skills. We also carefully nurture the emotional and social skills of students to improvise the leadership, attentiveness, application and investigatory skills.


Four Sections: Pre-Primary, Middle and senior have been formed to ensure effective and smooth functioning.


(Play Group to I) The school adopts play way and Montessori methods to make teaching interesting and effective. Stress is aid on language physical, cognitive, Social and Aesthetic development. Moral values are inculcated among the children English, Mathematics, Hindi, Environmental Studies, Computer are the subjects which are taught through play way method.


Subjects: English, Hindi, Mathematics, Environmental Studies, General Knowledge, Computer Science, Moral Education and Physical Education.


Subjects: English, Hindi, Mathematics, Social Science (History, Civics and Geography) General Science, General Knowledge, Physical Education, Computer, Moral Education, Sanskrit/French.