Principal Desk

A child's brain is a wonderful creation of god. Inquisitive, colourful, pure, straightforward and unadulterated, which are appropriate for cultivation of seed of knowledge. It requires the support of parents, guidance of teachers and discipline of a school.

The goal of school education all over the world has seen a sea change over the last century. The meaning of knowledge now has been shifted from being remember and repeat information to able to find it, analyze it, react on it and finally to create new knowledge.

Thus, the goal of education is better conceived as to help student, develop intellectual tool and learning strategies to enable them understand the basic principles of learning that can assist them in being self sustaining, life long learners. An education they are being imparted at Cambridge international school make them value themselves and others, and transform the student into productive members of the world community.

Let us all give an opportunity to our children to learn, think and discover......

Sh. Shashi Kanta Mishra